For the sake of completion - and because they told something about the why and how of this blog's subject - I translated some early dutch posts in english. You will find the english text of the 'FontStruct' and 'Carpetknife' posts under the original. Questions and/or reactions are welcome…


3 block fontstruction Working on peghole. The rules: only 3 block-shapes and their rotations or reflections: square, quarter circle and 'chopped' square (see the image). Small grid size: x-height only three blocks high (hard in the three storey characters: e, s, z… and the x…). Square innershapes favoured. Made a filler as supplement. That was the… Continue reading peghole

Bop Closer

Made this version of Bop Carre a while ago, but kept it in the drawer since the letterspacing trick didn't work back then. I started my characters one grid square left from the origin to make them stick together. Worked in the structing window, not in the truetype. But: halelujah! those wonderful people behind FontStruct… Continue reading Bop Closer