Two sisters?

needlework type

To finish the series on needle-crafted type with a sunday feeling, here are two pieces from the Ecole Moyenne de l’Etat in Verviers. Made by two girls with the same aristocratic surname von Hagen. Sisters I presume, but I have no information on the makers and the date. Looking at the detail and degree of sophistication, this can hardly be labeled as folk art. It is hard school work.






Berthe made some beautiful monograms with her initials, but got the Y mirrored. Jenny used a symmetric Y. I am not sure which piece I like most. The last picture shows the most adventurous try: a 9 plus!






3 thoughts on “Two sisters?”

  1. I have recently been sent photographs of the most amazing needlework – a large banner depicting scenes made from rice, seeds and dried plant material. I have posted them on my blog for the world to see and hope you might find them of interest. Kind regards Johnson

  2. Thanks Johnson. Great outdoor life you must live. Will visit your blog from time to time.

  3. Wonderfully informative post! I have my gdenrmothar’s tatting shuttle and some of her work. They are priceless treasures to me. It is largely a lost art. Thanks for posting this!

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