Boxed treasure

78rpm sleeves —


I have a weakness for old paper. I like the surface it has and the life it had. So I collect stuff that other people would throw away. It is rare to come across plain old useless paper on markets but it happens. I will show some examples later. Just to tell you I might have taken this box home even if it had been empty. But it wasn’t. Let us not rush. Turn it around first.


Nice lettering on the remains of the paper tape that held it closed. And a pretty illustration that says ‘handle with care’ without words. Let’s open it.


The box contains  a collection of bakelite 78 rpm records, all in great company sleeves. I will show these treasures in the next days. For now enjoy the packaging.


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  1. Great to see others appreciating the beauty of old card boxes! I have one 78 rpm shipping box myself. I spoke to someone who worked in a store in the 1950s and she says her first job with deliveries was to open the box and check how many discs were broken…

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