Galerie Daniel Cordier, 1962 — White ink, silkscreened on glassine paper in a plain black cover. Design uncredited, probably W. Hachler, who did most invitations for the Paris gallery I could find from that period . Brassaï. graffiti. Galerie Daniel Cordier, Paris, 1962. Size closed 130 x 300 mm.

Carl Buchheister

Galerie Daniel Cordier, 1959 — Cover: letterpress and silkscreen on brown paper. 16 page booklet in letterpress, 12 reproductions in offset on glossy paper tipped in. Hand sewn. Designed and printed by Heinz Knauer, Typografisches Atelier und Druckerei, Frankfurt am Main, December 1959.   Carl Buchheister. 1949 –1959.  Zehn Jahre Malerei. Galerie Daniel Cordier, Frankfurt/M.… Continue reading Carl Buchheister

Galerie Daniel Cordier

sixties invitations. A pile of invitations to openings of art shows in Galerie Daniel Cordier, Paris and Frankfurt, between 1959 and 1963. Beautiful leaflets, the same size when closed, open differently: folded or bound, some stapled. Some are mere invitations, some are small catalogues. All make great use of different paper stock and the graphic… Continue reading Galerie Daniel Cordier